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Offshore Job Vacancies
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  • Oil rig jobs
    Information on the different types of jobs. Also UK oil and gas fields and much more.
  • Engineering jobs
    Engineering employment specialist for the UK and worldwide. Many industries including the offshore oil and gas industry.
  • Oil industry jobs
    Largest energy job board for oil and gas jobs
  • Offshore oil and gas jobs
    Vacancies for various jobs on rigs. Based in Aberdeen with offices in other parts of the world, including Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Malta.
  • Offshore jobs
    Online job search for offshore oil and gas industries. Register your CV and job search.
  • Oil careers jobs
    Oil and Gas job website
  • Offshore engineering jobs
    Established in 1988 OPS provides engineering personnel worldwide in every niche sector.
  • Jobs oil and gas industry
    Recruitment website for the international oil and gas industries.
  • Drilling engineering jobs
    Long established well services and drilling personnel provider.
  • Offshore oil jobs
    Site for the largest offshore drilling contractor in the world. Transocean are an international company.
  • Oil rig recruitment
    This site is based in USA but is valid for the international oil and gas industry. Uplaod your CV. Lots of information and world wide company directory.
  • Offshore oil companies
    Our reliable list of resources to help you find offshore oil companies.
  • Oil engineering jobs
    Executive engineering and oil and gas recruitment services. Online vacancies. CV registration. England UK.
  • Oil field jobs
    Offshore oil industry recruitment specialist. Based in Glasgow, Scotland, this is a well established company operating in the UK and worldwide.
  • Offshore marine jobs
    Offshore marine jobs websites, information and other resources. Our site dedicated to bringing you the best offshore marine jobs resources.

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Added: June 9, 2009
Looking for a start offshore. Can you help? :: Look at the resources top left.
Pete Hamo, Grangemouth.

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book Oil 101
"A brilliant all round explanation of the oil industry. Easy to read this book is a reference encyclopedia that you will use again and again. "
Oil Rig at Dawn, Ross-Shire, Scotland
"Nice picture of Semi submersible oil rig "
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